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In 1916 the Sacred Hospital School of Nursing was founded by Monsignor Peter Masson. Five years later in 1922, the Alumni Association was founded. Their first task was to fund the purchase of furniture for the School of Nursing. Eighty-four (84) years later, we are still providing help for those in need. We provide fresh floral arrangements for the Hospital Chapel, an annual monetary award during Nurse’s Week for a nurse who exemplifies excellence in education to staff or patients, at our annual brunch we care for the needy by providing simple, yet needed personal care items for those less fortunate than we.


The archives committee maintains our display case at the hospital to keep alive
 the tradition of what a “Sacred Heart Nurse” was and is about. With this history of giving,  I present to you the SHH School of Nursing Alumni Website. Our goal is to continue to serve you, the graduates of our School of Nursing in the 21st century.


We will start small, just as the hospital and school of nursing did so many years ago, and hopefully grow into a comprehensive communication venue for you.


Log in and join the forum, so you can communicate with classmates, and give us feed back so we can always update and improve this website.


Mary Fran Kaminski, 1966
Teri (Kaminski) Polenchar, 1974

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The class pin was designed in 1919 by the Rt. Reverand Monsignor Peter Masson and the student body, and was presented by the class of 1919. The center of the heart symbolizes Christ's love for all humanity which should serve as a motivating force for genuine love to service to fellow man. The cross indicates that the nursing profession's motto "service to all mankind", cannot be fulfilled without love and sacrifice on our part.


  • 1st graduating class in 1919 had 5 students
  • last graduating class in 1980 had 51 students
  • largest graduationg class in 1972 had 68 students
  • smallest class in 1921 had 1 student (a nun)
  • total of 2175 students graduated between the years 1919 to 1980
  • 79 graduates were nuns
  • 13 graduates were men

More TidBits: Sacred Heart Hospital School of Anesthesia was founded in 1944 by Sister Bonosa and was in existence until 1967, when it closed. During that time 140 CRNA's graduated from the school. It became accredited in 1951 and remained one of the top 10 schools in the country until it closed.